26 - A310 Interflug D-AOAC over Moscow UUEE 11.02.1991

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Interflug Airbus A.310 D-AOAC was making an automatic ILS approach to Moskva-Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) when controllers instructed the flight to go around. At that moment the aircraft was descending through 1550 feet agl. The crew reprogrammed their Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) started resisting the autopilot which was commanding the trimmable horizon stabilizer opposite the elevator commands put in by the captain. At an altitude of some 1250 feet agl, the nose pitched up in a high power climb. Climbing through 1500 feet, the nose pitched up to 88deg and the speed decayed to just 30 knots IAS. At 4300 feet the plane stalled. The continuing control conflict caused the plane to climb violently and stall another three times - in the last climb reaching 11,755 feet. At 8700 feet the...

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